Millennials and their unconventional lifestyle


There is a quote, which says that “An easy life never led to strong man”. When we analyze it considering the lifestyle of our ancestors and today’s so-called millennials, it reveals the secrets behind our parent’s and ancestors’ purposeful and satisfying life.

They faced so many epidemics, famines, droughts, and other natural calamities. Such uncertainty made them strong folk as the quote says.

When we compare them with today’s millennials, who are striving for certainty in day to day life and running behind instant gratification, obviously we feel terrible.

Today we millennials are in a better position in terms of health care, technology, and transportation compare to our elder generations. Even with all these things, we are facing a stressful life, purposeless, and void life.

This article describes the millennial’s lifestyle and associated problems, and the ways to come out of it.

We millennials, expect everything in quick, and that too, with cent per cent certainty. More and more such lifestyles led us to embrace impatience, short-tempered mindset, and addiction to instant gratification. On another side, we become so much dependent upon things, habits which fulfil the desires in a short time, for instance, food home delivery, Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more.

Millennials through the ages

Let look at how this instant gratification desire affects our daily lives and relationship in the long term.

We millennials nowadays have no time to look at even what we eat or drink. For example, what is a composition of beverage we drink, how to self prepare the dish that we ate at the canteen, what is the roots of various products we use daily, and the list goes on? We consume products endorsed by celebrities, but ignore what health experts, elders suggests. Beverages, junk foods, preserved food fulfil our taste buds for that moment, but in the long run, they cause severe problems like obesity, prematurity of girls, gastritis, etc.

Then come to interpersonal skills, today the average person in metropolitan cities is known to only a few countable numbers of people. Sometimes it’s even a single digit. All his conversations are through chat platforms.
But the thing we don’t know is, chatting is an addiction. The chemical called Dopamine is released in the brain, when we chat with another person, quantitatively more when we talk with another gender. The same chemical released in other unhealthy addiction practices too.

If we keenly observe the person’s behaviour, it reveals that a person’s behaviour all depends upon the dominant emotion that exhibited over the chat conversation. If something odd happens in a chat conversation, his/her practice with the others changes, just like someone who didn’t smoke, or drink for long periods.

Now let us discuss the relationship of millennials. On one side we are boasting that we are breaking caste chains, we believe in living together is better than marriage and all. But on the darker side, we are living in a world where, “love at first sight, breakup at first fight” exists. It’s all because of the desires within us, and that too be fulfilled in a short time.

When questioned about their relationships, millennials respond, ‘we have good chemistry in between’ but they didn’t understand the value of compatibility. As days roll down the same couple starts screaming, their relationship doesn’t work out’. Then they move apart from each other.
Instead of that, if they had a bit of patience to look themselves from the closed quarters, and analyze the primary reason for the conflict, their relationship would be survived longer. Hence, the key to a long relationship is compatibility, not chemistry. The initial Chemistry is just about the mutual common interest, which made them fall in together. But the harmony is the thing, which makes one adjust with another.

” Rome was not built in a day”, just like that strong relationship takes a longer time to build. These long relationships are based on mutual understanding and respect for each other’s personal life as we know it is impossible to know the whole Personality of a person in first look or in the short term togetherness unless you are a psychologist. But the tendency of our millennials fail here and accept someone blindly as a partner. And share it on social media like soulmates, made for each other, one soul- two bodies, blah, blah, blah. Their dependents on social platforms made them lonely in the real practical world.

Along with instant gratification, the tendency made them fall for someone without a second thought, and their mistake doesn’t end there. Soon, they realize the real faces and end up with the breakup. Then they begin one more drama, that is resorting to alcohol to forget someone or choosing someone else to fill the void created by the ex Gf/bf. In some worse cases, even they commit suicide, without thinking about the consequence to their parents and siblings emotionally and financially.
Always we have to remember one thing in life, that is “What we do now, creates our life. Our daily life and lifestyle play an important role in creating our entire life”.

Today’s millennials’ lifestyle is fully packed in such a way that, even the person himself is not asking, what is the purpose of the things s/he is doing.

He often becomes a victim of someone’s lifestyle or advertisement, or Instagram or Facebook posters. Subconsciously all our thoughts are provoked, controlled, and sensitized by social media postings. If someone visits someplace and shares a photo in any social platform unknowingly within everyone, the tendency to visit the same place begins. If someone shares a restaurant pic, the others too excited to visit there. And the chain starts. The glance of someone post for few milliseconds drives our life financially, emotionally to do things which are not ours.

As per recent reports, the average man uses mobile for more than two hours a day. If we ask ourselves at the end of each time, while we lock the phone, do I learned anything from it?. The answer is obvious, no.

In mobile, we surf 90 per cent of things which unnecessary. The rest 10 per cent for social acknowledgement of something like someone got married, someone blessed with a baby or worst the case someone is dead. A recent survey says that more than 98% of friends on Facebook don’t know what’s going in the private part of their Facebook friend’s life.

All we do is following someone, thinking about someone and try to know what other person is doing. And if we fail to reproduce it, we self declare that I’m a failed person in life. That thought starts to influence all other parts of our life. Including our behaviour with kids, spouse, parents, colleagues, and even someone from outside.

The frustration that developed leads us to an increase in anxiety, insecurity, and impatience. Over the period, since the same things happening with everyone around lead to mass hysteria. People start to act without thinking. As per a recent study conducted by expert social scientists that person returning home at evening after 8 pm often engage in mild or considerable conflicts and crimes with others.

Thinking is the only thing that separates humans from the rest of the animal kind. But the day we forget to act without thinking, we are the same as the animals.
A just fraction of second, of sensible voluntary thought, would be saved our mental peace. But the ego overrides the empathy, and competition defeats the compassion. Added greed, the desire for accumulation, results in more and more wants.

So, what is the solution?

The solution to all these issues lies at root levels. As Gandhi says, ” you must be the change, you wish to see in the world”. So from each level, we need to change the essential thing. And that thing is our thought process.
We need to understand how it is influenced by outside and what are the ways to overcome it.
And this transmission begins from, observing our actions.

“Watch your thoughts, and they become words;
Watch your words, and they become actions;
Watch your actions, and they become habits;
Watch your habits, and they become character;
Watch your character, and it will become your destiny.”

So, observing our thought is not an easy process. It’s like an Inception movie. You think you are watching your thinking, but in reality, your thinking is what you supposed to thought. Not exactly what you intended to belief.
‘Suppose’ is a word means imagination/assumption, whereas ‘ intention’ means, a thing which directs our particular act.

To Conclude

The mind is brilliant than we think. It can defeat us, right when we decide to take control of it.

Controlling the mind comes from practices like meditation too. It’s not a one day job. So, the question may arise in you, how long we have to follow the method? Indian ancient scripts mentioned about a concept called ‘Mandalas’. It means one has to practice a continuous twenty-one-day diligently on a particular task to make it a habit. So, you may question why twenty-one days specific?. We all know that our body is made up of different types of cells. And each cell has its own cell life. And according to science experts, the standard period required to replace all cells in our body completely takes twenty-one days. So it’s needed for an hour to develop a calm, composed mindsight in various situations which arise in our daily life. Today we are not in harsh climatic, financial, genocidal conditions like our ancestors. We actually in a far better situation than our elder generations. Understanding our weaknesses, and acting on them considering our thought process can open up a new life, purposeful life to all. And this lockdown is one such opportunity for all millennials, the torchbearers for the next generation, to self introspect themselves and to take purposeful life path.